Holiday Workshops

Holiday Workshops - Preschool

These are a two hour workshop and include;

  • Ballet classes;

  • Baking activities;

  • Craft activities;

  • Games and puzzles.

These two hour programs are set to a different theme or story each holiday, are drop off style and kids are encouraged to dress up in their favourite costumes!

Dance Camp - Junior School

For Dance Camp parents can choose from either a short day or long day option and the days include:

  • A range of dance classes and styles from ballet to acro dance as well as contemporary and lyrical classes;

  • Art and baking workshops;

  • A picnic lunch outside;

  • Popcorn and movies for children who are having a later pick up;

  • Special day events such as talents shows and mock auditions.

Dance Camp dates are released at the start of each term.

"Seaforth Dance Academy provides a professional and a nurturing environment for aspiring dancers. The true magic lies in the school’s ability to blend the fundamentals of dance with imaginative and fun classes that the kids absolutely LOVE." - Liana

"The thing I really value is that you really do cater to the age group, it has the right balance and not too strict/serious." 

– Tanya

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