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At Seaforth Dance Academy we offer a range dance classes for children from 2.5- 8 years old. Our classes focus on developing students confidence, creativity, leadership skills as well as providing the highest quality dance training. Seaforth Dance Academy classes use lots of fun props, stories, and a range of great music to really engage and inspire the children.


To ensure our children are as safe as possible in our dance academy we choose not to have our timetable on our website, just another thing we do to keep our dancers safe. Therefore, if you would like a personal class recommendation we would love to hear from you. Email us admin@seaforthdanceacademy at or call 0400 229 712.

We look forward to hearing from you!

"Scout absolutely LOVES ballet and everything related to 'Miss Gina'. She talks about you all week and you are a role model for her in so many ways. You do an amazing job to make the experience for the kids - and the parents as wonderful as possible. Your attention to detail is incredible - from the handwritten invitations and cards in the mail, the tea and fruit for parents, the sticker charts - all of it. Well done"
"My daughter Tahlia started ballet classes with Miss Gina and the Seaforth Dance Academy when she was 18 months old. Tahlia is now 4 years old and still gets very excited every Saturday morning when we go to ballet. Miss Gina is absolutely delightful and so wonderful with all of the children. There is such a warm feeling when we walk into the Seaforth Dance Academy and it has been wonderful watching Tahlia's ballet progress."

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